Cold Emails

Limit yourself to 2 paragraphs. The people you are cold emailing are likely very busy and don’t have time to read long emails.Provide context.  A couple of links at the end pointing to summaries of who you are via web presence, along with a quick one sentence summary.If you’re request in a cold email is not mutually beneficial, find a way to make it so.  A request that does not provide some reciprocal benefit will pretty much always be ignored (true for both cold emails and warm emails).This tip is a bit gray hat: Hack Rapportive. In the old Gmail compose window if you have Rapportive installed you can guess people’s email addresses.  If you’re wrong, Rapportive won’t provide a summary for the user and you can guess another format for the email address.  When you guess correctly, Rapportive will show the summary of the user you’re trying to target.  Most people’s corporate addressed are one of three simple possibilities: [first name], [first initial][last name], or [first name].[last name] And remember that dots in gmail addresses don’t matter.Don’t spam your target.  Try once, and if your attempt doesn’t solicit a response, don’t try to resend the same email again. 90% of the time, silence = “No.” 10% of the time, your original email was missed.  Play the percentages and only email again if you have a different (more mutually beneficial) request or new line of approach.If you’re not failing with some regularity, than you’re not cold emailing often enough.  It’s good to hear “no” (or silence) with some frequency… it means you’re stretching yourself well.


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