Step Up and Lead | Is it Time

  • Who’s pitching you? You need advocates throughout the organization who will be on the lookout for opportunities as they arise. Sometimes called “sponsors,” these people are members of your company’s senior leadership team; they’re the ones who are having conversations about who is ready to play a bigger game. If your name isn’t mentioned, guess what? You aren’t going to advance.
  • How well-connected are you? As matrix organizational structures grow in popularity, the ability to influence across organizational boundaries will set you apart from other technically competent colleagues. Knowing how all functions of your company interconnect shows that you understand the mechanics of your business. It also increases the likelihood that your name will be mentioned for plum assignments.
  • Are you seen as strategic? When you become known for your strategic mind in addition to your technical chops, you will be seen as ready to move to the next level in your career

via Step Up and Lead | Is it Time — The People Equation – by Jennifer V. Miller.


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