Dismantling Hierarchies

Principles of Networked Unmanagement

Looser hierarchies and stronger networks.

1. “innovative & contextual methods” = work and jobs cannot be standardized, which means getting rid of job descriptions and individual performance appraisals.

2. “self-selection of tools” – moving away from enterprise tools toward an open platform in which workers can use their own tools in order to be knowledge artisans.

3. “willing cooperation” = lessening the emphasis on teamwork and collaboration and encouraging wider cooperation. This is the essence of silo-busting.

4. “duty of being transparent” = shifting from “need to know” to “need to share” especially for those with leadership responsibilities. This is probably the biggest change for organizations today.

5. “sharing our knowledge” = changing the environment so that sharing one’s knowledge does not put that person in a weaker organizational position. For example, rewarding individuals for ideas, such as patent royalty sharing, means that sharing information could lead to another person benefiting from what you have shared. Rewarding the organization (network) is better than rewarding the individual, but only if people feel empowered and can be actively engaged in decision-making.


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