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How to Be an Expert in a Changing World

How to Be an Expert in a Changing World.

The first step is to have an explicit belief in change
Change that matters usually comes from an unforeseen quarter
You have to be disciplined about not letting your hypotheses harden into anything more
Startup investors have extraordinary incentives for correcting obsolete beliefs.
Betting on people over ideas: Good new ideas come from earnest, energetic, independent-minded people.


Performance Reviews Are Bad for Learning

Performance Reviews Are Bad for Learning – The Performance Improvement Blog.

Rather than doing performance reviews because that’s what you’ve always done, or because that’s what most other organizations do, or because you’re afraid of losing control, make frequent contacts between managers and their direct reports the source of feedback. Encourage them to learn together from their successes and from their failures. Make performance improvement an ongoing process, not an annual event

Interview questions

1.   Instead of asking about strengths and weaknesses, ask about the candidate’s biggest blunder or failure on the job and how they coped with it.  To err is human, but how the human handles that error is very revealing.  Do they take responsibility?  Do they blame a co-worker?  MOST telling is what they learned from the experience.  Someone who celebrates their mistakes as learning experiences is a truly rare find!


2.   Ask the candidate to solve a problem that is directly related to the position and company.  This type of question can show the candidate’s ability to innovate, adapt, learn and use their resources.  It can also help the show how they work through challenges within the position.


3.   While a candidate’s ability in a specific position is important, equally important is learning more about them as a potential member of your team.  What are their most important job acceptance factors?  What are the most effective means of managing them?  A great way to get the “real” answer to the previous question is to ask them “If I were to call one of your previous managers what would they say your biggest strength and biggest weakness were?”  Also, what motivates them?  The answers to these questions can dig deeper into how the candidate will perform on a day-to-day basis.  It will also provide important information for the hiring manager in terms of management response and motivation factors