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5 tips for email


Short and clear
Dont wear out the intro email
Show you have done your homework
Executive recruiter referral trick
Give way out


Discover real problems

Discover the real problems before jumping into solution mode

– Take time to imagine the solution you really want, regardless of how connected it is to the issue at hand. Then pose a question that addresses that, not the problem you’re currently faced with.

– Use the Five Whys exercise to get to the heart of a problem. Begin with the issue and ask “why?” Then, for every response ask “why?” related to that. By the time you’ve done this four or five times, you should have discovered where the real problem lies.

– Describe the issue to someone not connected to your business (grandparents are a wonderful, underutilized resource!) and listen to their reactions. Often they will point to the deeper issue at stake, that you just don’t see.